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Our Story

Born and bred in Malaysia, damai is a true anak Malaysia.
In the beginning, there was chaos, there was no sleep. I was also unemployed with a very whiny baby. It was during this blurry months that the idea of damai was born, not out of a fairy tale, but out of the very real struggle of that brave and bleary-eyed mom.
Why damai, you ask? Because. Please. Just. Grant. Me. Peace.
Damai means 'peace' in the Malay language. Also, many of you have met me before, and you know I love the simple things in life. Colours that are easy on the eyes. A pop of colour here and there but not too much.
Right now, we're putting our heart and soul into two essential parts of our little one's journey – teethers and tableware. Because we know teething is !@#$%^ and makan sessions are my favourite (I love eating). 

Thank you for kepoh-ing into our story - a story born out of love, sleepless nights, tears, and a desire to make parenting a tad more fun. damai is not just a brand; it's a community of parents who know that, in the beginning, there was chaos, but there was also an abundance of love and laughter. 

PS here's the scoop, our community is currently tinier than baby socks, aiyo please help us grow! Sharing is caring, and we're ready to spread our name far and wide. Hehe.

Jom, let's slay parenthood together!

Su Jean :)