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Gnubkins Let's Eat (6m+)

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Your baby is 6 months and ready to start eating! LET'S EAT (Basic Range Step 1) is a good first food as it is soft and fluffy. Cook with vegetables and serve as puree.

  • For 6 months onwards
  • Can be cooked as porridge or rice
  • Soft, fluffy and naturally sweet
  • Easy to cook, just like cooking normal porridge!
  • Fast cooking, cooking on stove takes about 15 minutes

The Basic Range is suitable for most babies and gives you value for money while ensuring that age-appropriate grains are introduced to your little ones at each major developmental milestone (6 months, 10 months and 15 months).

Choose Basic / Premium Range and alternate with Nutritionist Formulated Range every 3 days. Example:

Day 1-3: LET'S EAT
Day 7-9: LET'S EAT

Weight: 750g, 55 servings.
Usage Instructions: Store in fridge after opening. Wash thoroughly before cooking.
Ingredients (Origin): Natural medium grain white rice (Vietnam).

Gnubkins Let's Eat (6m+)
Gnubkins Let's Eat (6m+) Sale priceRM12.90