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Gnubkins Light & Easy (6m+)

Sale priceRM18.90

LIGHT & EASY (Premium Range Step 2) contains millet in a suitable amount for baby at 6 months. Millet helps the digestive process and improves nutrient retention. LIGHT & EASY can be introduced after your little one has tried FRESH START.

  • For 6 months onwards
  • Can be cooked as porridge or rice
  • Cute, mini-sized and very soft, suitable for babies
  • Naturally aromatic with a delicately sweet flavour, balanced with the earthy flavour of millet
  • Easy to cook, just like cooking normal porridge!
  • Fast cooking, cooking on stove takes about 15-20 minutes

Alternate this product together with FIBRE GLIDER (Nutritionist Formulated Range) every 3 days to increase the nutritional value for your baby.

Day 1-3: LIGHT & EASY
Day 7-9: LIGHT & EASY

Important Note: This product may contain rice husks. Kindly take care to wash thoroughly and remove rice husks before serving to baby. 

Gnubkins Light & Easy (6m+)
Gnubkins Light & Easy (6m+) Sale priceRM18.90